Green Science Potato Clock Review

Green Science Potato Clock

Reviewed by Sara Binstead

When the potato clock turned up, my 9 year old son was very excited.

In the box there was a small LED digital clock, some copper wires and transparent tape, all that I needed to add was the potato! We found the instructions easy to follow and were able to make up the clock very easily. By attaching the wires to the clock and then pushing them into a potato we now had a functioning LED clock.

My son really loved doing it and has used the kit a couple of times using a lemon and a tomato (you can use other fruits and vegetables, even fluids, it doesn’t have to be a potato).

I would definitely recommend this to anyone with a budding scientist! Is great fun and a good teaching tool with no need to keep buying expensive batteries!

Rating: 4/5

Suitable for: Age 8+

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