Manchester City Centre Treasure Hunt Review

Manchester City Centre
Treasure Hunt

Reviewed by Colin Rogers

My daughter and I set off to do this treasure hunt at 11 to arrive in Manchester to have some lunch, then to start off on out venture.

Both of us were very excited, we started on out 1st clue and although it took a while to find the answer we set off to find the next clue. Throughout the hunt we ended up in some really interesting locations which I have never really noticed before. I quite liked the way you had to really look for answers but some were impossible for us to find but it was still good fun to try.

We enjoyed going into the Manchester Cathedral which we have never been into before. My daughter lit a candle for her granddad whilst there. After asking a guide who worked at the cathedral for some help finding a certain clue, he too was unsure of the answer! When we finally found the answer we went back to the guide to tell him and he was shocked that he didn't know.

As it was a cold day and we had been walking around town for a few hours i decided to treat my little girl whose legs were getting a little tired to a nice hot cup of hot chocolate before getting ready to set off on the search for more clues.

Some we found other's we didn't, we got to the end 3 1/2 hours later. I thought some of the clues were a little too hard to find for a child and even though we got to see some great sights it does include a fair bit of walking.

Over all we both enjoyed it and got to see lots of new things and it was wonderful to have the chance to have some daddy daughter time doing something different.