Peter Pan at the Octagon Theatre Bolton Review

Peter Pan
The Octagon Theatre, Bolton

16 November 2012 - 12 January 2013

Reviewed by Michelle Wright

One of my daughters all-time favourite stories is Peter Pan… the boy who never grew up; so she was so far beyond excited that we were going to the Bolton Octagon to see it! My daughter loves the Octagon because the actors appear at the back of the seats winding their way down to the stage whilst bringing the story alive and the audience into the story… And Peter Pan was no exception.

I am accustomed to The Octagon adding their own unique angle on their productions, but thought this was surprisingly very similar to the original by J M Barrie. Nevertheless, this delightfully magical interpretation had our two little ones laughing out loud and their eyes wider than saucers as they watched the classic story of Peter Pan, Wendy, Michael and John unfold in the settings of the Darling’s nursery and in Neverland.

Undoubtedly our favourite character had to be Tinkerbell played by Anna Wheatley. She was so expressive without actually saying anything, just making tweeting and squeaky sounds – which my daughter copied all the way home!

Captain Hook, played by Christopher Villiers, was absolutely fabulous – he was ever so slightly camp but just scary enough to make our children sit up and pay attention to his every move.

Peter Pan, (Samuel Hargreaves), was as playful and cheeky as the original character and Amy Noble’s portrayal of a Wendy instilled the value of innocence only found in a child with their imagination full of tales of fighting pirates and adventures – both incredible actors.

Wendy’s younger brothers, and those creating the Lost Boys were made up from a cast of younger actors who auditioned for the roles in September – a fabulous opportunity for those wanting stage experience or wanting to get into the profession – they all did incredibly well!

When I asked my daughter what was her favourite part of the night she said it was where the cast and the whole audience – young and older alike, all chanted ‘we do believe in fairies” over and over again... and I have to be honest; it sent shivers down my back too as the magical atmosphere soured in the auditorium!

Thank you Octagon – we had a totally magical evening, and our Christmas count down has certainly now started!

Rating: 5/5

Individual tickets cost from £9.50 - £22.50, Family tickets cost from £48- £60.

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PHOTO: Christopher Villiers (Captain Hook/Mr Darling) Credit: Ian Tilton